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High Ceiling Lobby

The Trilight's opulent lobbies will welcome you to a new level of luxury.
Our 22 feet high ceiling lobbies stylishly designed will reflect grandeur and modern art at its best.

You will definitely encounter a grand spectacle.

The Grand Arch

The moment you enter the grand arch of THE TRILIGHT,
lush surroundings of the entrance will envelop you with
a dense array of indigenous planting—that range from
towering palms to sculptural vertical gardens.

With an influx of asymmetrical modern art specially carved by experts.
Well! This is just the beginning.

Atrium of Life

Trilight will also celebrate openness, opulence
and generosity with a 360 degree view of the entire community
from the center of this gated heaven where you can enjoy glimpses
of diverse cultural, artistic, social, and festive fervour.

Parking Bay

Parking bays are kept open to nature giving you a resort styled convenience
and making you avoid those fumes that lead to health hazards.

From your parking area, you will also have the access to reach out
to the grandeur of the gardens that hymn a melody through
the fountains and natural breeze.

Rooftop Tennis Court

Sporty is a way of life and we’ve got plenty of options tucked in for your well-being.

A tennis court on the 5th floor of the club house, options of indoor swimming pool
and infinity pool, indoor gaming zone and lounges for coffee
and conversations, you will have it all.

Golf Simulator

Just in case, you feel you need a more private area for your business conversations,
the golf simulator zone at the 14th floor of UP & ABOVE club house
will give you that perfect tee off.
Let the success conversations keep going.