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Hyderabad's Real Estate Revolution: Neopolis E-Auction

In a groundbreaking development, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) has orchestrated an e-auction of prime plots within the prestigious Neopolis Layout at Kokapet, Hyderabad. The event, which took place on 3rd August, marked the second phase of the auction, following the remarkable success of the first phase in 2021. The auction attracted the attention of builders, investors, and corporations alike, all vying for a piece of this coveted real estate.


Neopolis Layout, spanning 45.33 acres, is strategically located to ensure that you are always well connected throughout Hyderabad. Surrounded by commercial hubs, recreational zones and transportation facilities you are sure to be close to it all.

It boasts well-developed infrastructure valued at Rs. 350 crore. This includes meticulously constructed roads, water and sewerage lines, streetlights, parks, and various amenities. The layout's prime location and comprehensive infrastructure make it an ideal choice for both commercial and residential ventures. Few of the key features are as mentioned below -


  • 2 minutes drive to Outer Ring Road via proposed TRUMPET INTER-CHANGE
  • Unlimited FSI (High rise development with no limit on FSI)
  • Infrastructure - Internal Road pattern of 45m with8-lane carriageway and36m with 6-lane carriage way.
  • Power- Dedicated Electric Power Sub-station with Underground cables for the Layout.
  • Water- Clean drinking water supply.
  • PEDESTRIAN FRIENDLY- Internal Road Networks are provided with Utility Ducts, Storm water drain, Cycle Tracks, Pedestrian Walkways, Tree Zones with Street Light Illumination etc.,
  • Metro - Connectivity to the city with Metro Network, Metro Neo under active consideration.
  • Sewerage- Sewerage system for all the plots with sewage treatment plant.

  • Connectivity - Very well connected to different parts of the city

  • Outer Ring Road(ORR)- 2 mins drive
  • Financial District- 5 mins drive
  • City Centre Areas- 20 mins drive
  • International Airport at Shamshabad- 20 mins drive
  • HITEC-City- - 20 mins drive
  • Hussain Sagar- 40 mins drive

  • A Historic Revenue Generation

    The Neopolis Layout e-auction witnessed unprecedented enthusiasm from participants, resulting in an astounding revenue generation. The auction comprised seven prime plots spanning a total of 45.33 acres. In a surprising turn of events, the auction brought in astonishing revenue of Rs. 3319.60 crores.

    Gateway of Neopolis: Plot No.9

    The e-auction's spotlight was on Plot No.9, a 3.60-acre parcel of land as it is strategically located, with 45m wide roads on both south & east sides of the plot, set new records. This plot captured the attention of almost all the bidders as it is bang on the junction of the neopolis, eventually fetching a staggering Rs. 75.25 crores per acre was bought by De BlueOak Constructions and P Mangatam Developers Ltd. This astonishing figure underscores the high demand for land in this sought-after location.

    The success of both phases of the Neopolis Layout e-auction underscores Hyderabad's growing prominence as a favored destination for investments, job creation, and real estate development. The city's resilience and attractiveness even during the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic have made it a prime location for businesses and individuals seeking growth opportunities.

    The Neopolis Layout e-auction saw a number of successful bidders such as MSN Pharmachem Pvt Ltd, Rajapushpa properties, Brigade Enterprise Ltd, APR Group and Lakshmi Narayan G & Others.

    Minimum bid being Rs. 67.25 Cr. per acre Max Rs. 100.75 Cr. per acre and the average bid being Rs. 73.23 Cr. per acre. These investments reflect the confidence of major players in Hyderabad's real estate market and the potential they see in the Neopolis Layout.

    The e-auction's success reinforces Hyderabad's reputation as a city of immense opportunities. The strategic location, burgeoning corporate landscape, and progressive government policies have collectively contributed to the city's rise as a favored destination for real estate investment. The Neopolis Layout e-auction, spearheaded by the HMDA, has once again highlighted Hyderabad's robust real estate market. The staggering revenue generated from the auction, demonstrates the city's enduring appeal to investors and businesses. As Hyderabad continues to attract attention and investment, it solidifies its position as a powerhouse for economic growth and development in India.