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THE TRILIGHT is a whole new culture in concept living
where you will re-write your lifestyle and re-imagine
how you live with a precisely curated and exclusive living experience.
The Trilight is also an enchanting world where sapphire blue skies
serve as a backdrop to exquisite moments...
where light and large open spaces become a gallery for your daily pursuits...
and where design extends beyond the visible and becomes a way of life.

Three sprawling skyscrapers named after the most brightest stars
in the sky Canopus, Vega and Rigel stand out in opulence through
a one of a kind structural design offering unmatched amenities
that are beyond experience.


Situated at Golden Mile, Kokapet - Hyderabad, the ease of
immediate connectivity from THE TRILIGHT to ORR toll gate at
Financial District makes it a perfect destination for all
those connoisseurs of success.

462 Smartly designed and well ventilated homes in formats of 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms
are available in spacious sizes of 2888 sq.ft, 3666 sq.ft, 4777 sq.ft , 5777 sq.ft and
two limited edition formats of 10,111 sq.ft and 11,333 sq.ft.

Every apartment also offers a servant quarters right outside each unit for total privacy.
There are many tall skyscrapers that you might have seen, but at THE TRILIGHT,
you can reward yourself with opulence and enjoy endless possibilities
of a lifestyle, beyond experience.