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The White Gloves

At The Trilight, pamper your desires with 3 club houses that are one of a kind.
Each club house offers its residents with impressive experiences
that will silently create unforgettable joyful memories for a lifetime.

Presenting our first club house at the Ground floor - “The White Gloves”
Asymmetrical in design yet anchored with a carefully studied sense of logic in luxury entertainment.
Spanning 6 floors and covering almost 51,200 square feet, this masterpiece architecture speaks volumes of opulence in
European styled interiors and is externally surrounded by fresh greens and
thoughtful landscapes that blend seamlessly with the horizon of the club house.

Your friends and extended family too can have a comfortable and luxurious stay
at the exclusive guest rooms giving you your much required privacy.

Opulent Waiting Lounge


Luxury Banquets

Cafe & Lounge

Badminton Court

Indoor Swimming Pool